Cassini’s Flyby Of Saturn

High resolution video footage from the depths of space rarely finds an uninterested audience, especially when that audience consists of technology enthusiasts.  NASA’s compilations of space shuttle launches and photos from the Hubble Space Telescope continue to capture our imaginations no matter how often they’re viewed.  So when this amazing assemblage of imagery from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft crossed our browser, we were stunned by its detail and beauty.

Billed as a portion of a yet to be completed movie called Outside In, this high resolution video was assembled from hundreds of thousands of actual photographs taken by Cassini.

“Composed entirely of still photographs using innovative visual techniques developed by the filmmaker, Outside In stretches the boundaries of the motion picture form.” – Outside In

The music and visuals are beautiful, so dedicate a moment to the experience the clip’s author intends.

[Via: Vimeo]

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