Madgets: The Future of Interactive Control Surfaces

While interactive table top displays haven’t really entered the mainstream of society, they’re still an extremely cool technology with an almost limitless number of uses.  Implementations of these devices, such as Microsoft’s Surface, offer users a two dimensional multi-touch computing environment.  And while they’re especially well suited for situations in which several users may simultaneously interact with the display surface, they fail to render the physical haptic feedback traditional control surfaces provide.

Now enter the world of Madgets.  With the proliferation of specific control widgets on personal multi-touch surfaces like smartphones, people are becoming more adept at interacting with computing environments in ways other than the traditional keyboard-mouse input that dominates modern computing.  By combining the “rich haptic feedback of tangible controls” with the benefits of multi-touch display surfaces, Madgets achieve several positive improvements to the collaborative computing environment of multi-touch surfaces.

Check out this video by The Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University.

[Via:  Engadget]

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