A Keyboard Cleaner than a Toilet

They say timing is everything.  Given that, Vioguard has timed their most recent product release perfectly.  With the recent media buzz surrounding potential outbreaks of the seasonal and swine flus and given that computer keyboards are typically infested with more bacteria than toilet seats, Vioguard’s self sanitizing UVKB50 keyboard is designed to kill these germs before they spread.

VioGuard Keyboard

Even keyboards with a single user can harbor microscopic bugs patiently waiting to make the journey from the F-key to your finger and into a bodily orifice conducive to its sustained growth.  In a hospital environment containing people with compromised immune systems, this bacterial or viral transfer could be especially deadly.  Vioguard uses specific frequencies of germicidal UV radiation to kill bacteria and viruses.

With an $899 price tag directed at the windfall profits of the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the keyboard is obviously not meant for the mass consumer market.  But the problem it solves is a real one worthy of consideration by consumer electronics OEM’s.  Or you could just wash your hands more…you decide.

[Via:  Engadget]

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