A Few Follow-ups…

We’ve posted a lot of product announcements recently about which more details have emerged.  So check out the updates below:

  • Some video of Creative’s Zii Trinity smartphone platform, about which we reported, has surfaced.  Check it out here, it’s pretty impressive to see a phone playback HD video.
  • A video demonstration of the LG eXpo smartphone can be found here.  It includes a showing of the pico projector attachment, which is pretty cool, although it adds significant bulk to the device.
  • We tried Google’s Chrome OS out via these instructions on how to boot it from a USB flash drive.  It’s a bit crude, but functional and really easy to try out yourself if the Chrome OS is something in which you’re interested.  Having actually tried it hasn’t changed our opinion of the OS and its potential impact.
  • Comcast’s soon to be released On-Demand Online feature has been given a new name.  Now being called “Fancast Xfinity TV”, the service is set to release on December 12.
  • Shipments of the Barnes and Noble “Nook” eBook reader have been delayed (again) until January 15, 2010.  It will probably be one of the most compelling eBook readers released to date, if it’s ever actually ships.

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