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The Most Disturbing 3D Technology Yet

Remember the hat that stabs the back of its wearer’s head to induce a smile?  Or even the privacy hat for public TV viewing?  Well if you do, I suspect you’ll come away from the following proposed 3D viewing technology more disturbed than either of these other concepts.

For the second year in a row, 3D TV’s were in full feature at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.  And despite the push by TV manufacturers for the widespread adoption of 3D, the technology isn’t quite fully baked.  Active shutter glasses, the most popular means of obtaining the 3D effect, tend to reduce brightness and comfort, while glasses-free methods for obtaining the 3D effect still force users into viewing “sweet spots”.

A 3D viewing concept being prepared for CES2012 takes an entirely different approach that may actually require FDA approval.  Check out the concept in the video below.  I think I’ll stick with my 3D glasses.

[Via:  Engadget]