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Review: Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB Memory Card With Direct Mode



Eye-Fi Connect X2 Memory Card with Direct ModeThere’s no question that digital camera technology has simplified and improved the lives of photographers.   Gone are the days when developing photographs required a dark room, rolls of film were wasted on extra shots in which someone would inevitably blink, and rarely viewed photo albums wasted valuable bookshelf space.   The digital era finally gives photographs the exposure they deserve.  Photo sharing sites like Shutterfly which can turn a collection of photos into a variety of unique gifts, and digital display solutions like the ubiquitous digital picture frames that have flooded the market both make viewing and distributing pictures easier than ever.   But digital photography isn’t effortless.  With virtually limitless and inexpensive storage, there’s nothing to throttle the flood of pictures pouring into our digital lives from easily pocketable compact and cell phone cameras.  Many users who fail to actively manage their burgeoning digital photo collections by leaving thousands of pictures tucked away on a camera’s flash memory card risk loosing everything.

Fortunately, there’s a company making a universal product to seamlessly and effortlessly get your photos off of your camera and onto a computer or photo sharing site.  Eye-Fi, a company dedicated to “building products and services that help consumers navigate, nurture and share their visual memories,” has been making WiFi enabled SD cards for several years.   An Eye-Fi flash memory card “looks, stores media, and fits into cameras just like a regular SDHC card. On top of that, the Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi that effortlessly transfers photos and videos to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer.”  Additionally, the company announced a new feature at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show called Direct Mode, which enables a smartphone or tablet to connect to a camera’s Eye-Fi card and instantly retrieve, upload, and share digital photos.  Check out the promotional video below as well as our review of the Eye-Fi Connect X2 memory card with Direct Mode by clicking “read more” after the break.

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